Introduction of International Students Admission 入學管道介紹

【International Student Admission 外國學生申請入學】

International Student Admission Requirements 什麼是外國學生申請入學?

Chinese Culture University offers degree programs to international students who hold foreign passport and accept applicants who meet the admission requirements of CCU and the Ministry of Education (MOE website:
We offer bachelor's degrees in 62 academic areas. After completing bachelor’s degree, you can continue to pursue higher education. CCU also offer master’s degrees in 41 academic areas and doctoral degrees in 10 academic areas. Some programs are fully available in English to allow international students study in an English environment, in line with international standards, and thus enhance their international competitiveness.
Under the influence of Chinese culture, CCU will lead you to obtain a degree and improve your Chinese language skills! No matter what future you dream of - whether it’s in science, business, agriculture, journalism and communication, the arts or public service— you can make that dream a reality at CCU.

Who is eligible to apply as an international student? 適合哪些身份的學生?

1、First of all, it is imperative to confirm whether the status at the time of application meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education's "Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan ". According to the regulations, as follows are the statuses of international students who is eligible to apply to study in Taiwan:
首先要確認申請時的身分是否符合教育部《外國學生來臺就學辦法》規定, 以下是教育部規定可以申請來台灣就讀的外國學生身分:
(1) A person of foreign nationality who has never held Republic of China (“R.O.C.”) nationality and who does not have overseas Chinese student status at the time of their application

(2) A person who at the time of their application also holds dual R.O.C. nationality shall have never had household registration in Taiwan.

(3) A person who before the time of their application also held dual R.O.C. nationality but no longer does at the time of their application shall have renounced their R.O.C. nationality with the approval of the Ministry of the Interior on a date at least 8 full years before making their application.

The above (1) ~ (3), a person who at the time of his/her application has resided overseas for at least 6 years (did not spend more than a total of 120 days in Taiwan in each calendar year) and has never previously undertaken studies in Taiwan as an overseas Chinese student nor have accepted a placement by the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students in the current academic year.
上述(1) ~ (3),申請時已連續居留海外6年以上者(每年在台灣停留時間不超過120日)。且從來未以僑生身分在臺就學,也從未接受海外聯合招生委員會分發。

(4) An applicant of foreign nationality who is eligible for permanent residence in Hong Kong or Macao who has never had household registration in Taiwan, and who at the time of their application has resided in Hong Kong, Macao, or elsewhere overseas continuously for at least 6 years (did not spend more than a total of 120 days in Taiwan in each calendar year).

(5) A person who was formerly from the Mainland Area and who has foreign nationality and has have never had household registration in Taiwan, and who at the time of their application has resided overseas continuously for at least 6 years (did not spend more than a total of 120 days in Taiwan in each calendar year).

(6) A person who is currently studying at a university in Taiwan can apply for foreign student transfer on the second or the third year. A person who has previously attended high school (or junior high) or university in Taiwan can no longer apply for a bachelor’s degree with foreign nationality.

If you cannot find your identity condition match with requirements stated in above 6 statuses, it means that you are not eligible to apply for admission as a foreign student!

2、A freshman applicant applies to Bachelor program with equivalent education level who must provide the academic certificate, which is qualified to apply for the local university and certified by the local education authority or government.

Application Period 申請期程

The admissions for international students are opened for Fall semester (September Enrollment) and Spring semester (February Enrollment)
1、Application Period for Fall Semester:
1st round: Late February to the end of March
2nd round: Early June to early July
2、Application period for Spring Semester: Mid-October to early December.

(1) 第一梯次:約2月下旬至3月底。
(2) 第二梯次:約6月至7月初。

Application Process and Notes 申請流程及注意事項

1、Applicants shall submit required documents in accordance with the “Application Handbook for International Students Enrollment” in current year, then apply through online application system and upload the required documents before deadline.

2、The letter of acceptance issued by CCU does not guarantee that applicants can obtain a student visa! It is recommended that applicants shall check with the Taiwanese representative office (TECO) in your place of residence to prepare the documents required for the student visa application in advance.

3、Applicants cannot apply to “University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students” at the same time when applying for CCU as international students.

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